• Roberto Patrascoiu, Ph.D, Project Manager & Entrepreneur

    They say it’s not only about the „eye”, but more about the „soul” when it comes to photography. Alex is a genuine professional, who really feels how and when to capture moments. We completed several projects, both business & personal and I couldn’t ask for more: eye, soul & a lot of fun.

  • Laura State, Make-up Artist

    I like working with artists truly passionate about they doing because they tend to bring up the best in images. The pictures made by Alex were very expressive and in the highest quality possible, bringing me more clients and exposure.

  • Daniela Croitoru, Artist

    A very attentive eye for detail, sensitivity in capturing atmosphere /environment  and  the steady hand of the professional give life photos done by Alexandru Petrea. The hidden beauty of objects, landscapes, characters is brought to light in Alex's mastery to "play" with the camera.

  • Anca, Model

    I have worked with Alex for a personal project and I must say he managed to highlight my best traits... and I am not talking just about the physical ones. He has a way of making you feel comfortable in front of the camera and express your true self. Moreover, he has a great eye for geometry (I guess it's the architect inside that triggers that quality). He always chose the best settings and I really loved the way he played around with angles and forms using my posture.

  • Andreea, Lawyer, Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii

    I had my pictures taken by Alex a few times and what I loved about it each time was the laid back, super friendly atmosphere he creates. In terms of results I like that the photos he took are not forced or artificial, and since I’m not a professional model and can’t create a different mood that easily it’s a major plus that Alex managed to get me to relax and smile in front of the camera.

  • Sabina, Model

    Alex is a pro! I felt so comfortable working with him. He has a great workflow and includes you in his creative process every step along the way, so I felt like I was taking those photos with him the whole time. I’m proud of the work we did together and look forward to our next shoot!

  • YVAT, Musician

    When it comes to artist studio portraits a good photographer is never good enough. It takes an artist,  intuitive, yet creative, to accomplish the task. And Alex is one for sure. I always admired his promptness in relation with me as a customer, altogether with the fact that for him there was more than just taking pictures: it was about intuition in finding the right pose, perfect composition and lights to enhance the message I wanted to transmit.

  • Comanescu Raluca Daniela, Graphic desingner, Unfold Atelier

    Professional images support a great business. I run my business for four years now and have successfully used Alexandru’s services multiple times to shoot my design materials or even my team.

  • Radu (The Model), Adult Central

    I hate using clichés, but Alex really nailed it when I worked with him. I've just finished an album that I had worked on with another artist, and we really needed something clean, smart and done right. What I loved about Alex's work was the fact that he did no second guessing on it. He knew what we wanted and he set things up beautifully and decisively. He was in control all the time, while still being firmly connected to our vision of what needed.

  • Tudor Brandusa, Architect, Stardust Architects

    I've worked with Alex for more than seven years and for maybe more than ten projects, most of them focusing on design objects or portraits. He is our permanent support ever since we have began our journey, which we call Stardust Architects* ...he understands easily our vision, our fantasy and the way we need to transfer it into photography, no matter if we talk about the objects we have created or if we need to talk about ourselves. It is always amazing how dedicated he is while working, very focused and full of energy, never giving up before obtaining what we invisioned or even more. Also flexible, leaving an open door to some impro which for us is very important. Very efficient in post production and very eagger to all kinds of new challenges, technical or conceptual. And the last thing about him, which maybe should have been the first, as the atmosphere created while working is sometimes the most important thing in influencing your state of mind and spirit, Alex is a very warm and funny guy. We are very thankful for your support, dear Alex!