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Who We Are

  • Alexandru Petrea
  • Daniel Tudor
    Assistant photographer

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Roberto Patrascoiu, Ph.D, Project Manager & Entrepreneur

    They say it’s not only about the „eye”, but more about the „soul” when it comes to photography. Alex is a genuine professional, who really feels how and when to capture moments. We completed several projects, both business & personal and I couldn’t ask for more: eye, soul & a lot of fun.

  • Sabina, Model

    Alex is a pro! I felt so comfortable working with him. He has a great workflow and includes you in his creative process every step along the way, so I felt like I was taking those photos with him the whole time. I’m proud of the work we did together and look forward to our next shoot!

  • Comanescu Raluca Daniela, Graphic desingner, Unfold Atelier

    Professional images support a great business. I run my business for four years now and have successfully used Alexandru’s services multiple times to shoot my design materials or even my team.

  • YVAT, Musician

    When it comes to artist studio portraits a good photographer is never good enough. It takes an artist,  intuitive, yet creative, to accomplish the task. And Alex is one for sure. I always admired his promptness in relation with me as a customer, altogether with the fact that for him there was more than just taking pictures: it was about intuition in finding the right pose, perfect composition and lights to enhance the message I wanted to transmit.

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